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Continuing to Serve a God Who Has Failed Me (A Story of Loss and Unending Devotion)

He has been gone for eight months but in the heart and mind of his momma, time has chosen to stand still. Living after the loss of a child is a pain that only a sweet lady like Becky can understand. This is her story…

photo of woman playing with her children

The Power of Your Words and How to Make or Break Your Family

Proverbs 21:23 says that “Whose keeper his (her) mouth and his tongue keepeth his (her) soul from troubles.” I believe your words have power over your children, family, friends, physical bodies, and so much more. Let me explain… Our words have power… We have all said things we don’t mean, and meant things we didn’t… Continue reading The Power of Your Words and How to Make or Break Your Family

person on a bridge near a lake

Mind Over Matter & What it Means to be a Devoted Mother

Being a devoted mother can be challenging for Mom Entrepreneurs. What does it take to achieve dedication and devotion while balancing life?

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